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Human-beings are not alone in the universe. No, the implication does not refer to extraterrestrial life forms; this is about creatures which live cheek by jowl with people – animals. Wild and domestic, tamed and rapacious, cute and dangerous… Our cohabitants can’t but arouse admiration and genuine interest. Due to this, in order to cozy up with them, Homo Sapiens go to safari, visit zoos and, of course, install animals wallpapers in high resolution on their computing devices.

It is fair to say that beasts’ natural habitat is distributed across the whole Earth. In this light, it’s impossible for a person to familiarize with all existing species during the lifetime. Yet, there are various alternatives to getting in touch with animal kingdom. The most commonplace way of interaction is domesticating. Today even exotic species might become domestic pets (along with omnipresent favorites – cats and dogs): reptiles, parrots, hedgehogs, hamsters, snakes, and even crocodiles.

The next method of communication is going to safari. This might be wildlife observation in traditional meaning (by going to distant localities in open areas, i.e. savannas, tropical forests, etc.), taking out diving tours to investigate submarine life, or visiting national preservation parks where beasts live in natural environment, though are protected from poachers.

The other, most customary way of communication, is visiting zoos. Luckily, menageries with exotic animal species are currently ubiquitous; they might be found as in huge metropolitan cities, so in small distant settlements.

If you can’t afford expensive safari tours and just don’t have time to visit a close-in zoo, our collection of hand-picked animals wallpapers will surely bring you into proximity with the wildlife.