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Have you ever asked yourself why private life of famous people (singers, artists, movie stars, and even top-managers of renowned brands) is of acute interest to the wider public and why celebrities wallpapers show off on all thinkable gadgets? The question creates a total puzzle, since everyone has its own explanation to this phenomenon.

The first reasonable answer to this puzzle is that routine lives of idols dramatically differ from the lives average people lead. This difference might be traced in all respects. As distinct from the majority of population, celebrities live in luxury environments; they frequently own several homes/apartments in the most prestigious areas (as in their home country, so abroad), a few cars (or an entire car fleet), only the most advanced appliances and gadgets.

To continue, people of big name choose only the most exotic travel destinations and boast a long portfolio of visited countries. They can afford buying/wearing custom-made clothes (frequently one-of-a-kind), being on friendly footing with top-tier designers, and eat exotic expensive food, obtained from various corners on the globe. Finally, their circle of contacts oftentimes includes the high and mighties (top politicians, presidents, ambassadors), access to which is limited to common citizens.

Of course, there is one more reason why common men install celebrities wallpapers on their personal computing devices - popularity. You must admit that merely extraordinary individuals are able to gather thousands of fans at thousand-strong stadiums/concert halls, trigger the creation of million-strong online fanbases as well as win hundreds of loyal supporters who tail along them across the world.