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Have you ever mused on why people resort to the art of music on different occasions? They turn on a favorite radio station waking up early in the morning, playback a selected list of tracks while on the move, custom bands at various festivities, and stick ears to the headphones in the moments of sadness. The reason for such passion lies in the hidden power of elaborately combined notes which influence a person’s perception of things.

When there is no chance to listen to a beloved artist, it’s always a good idea to substitute the real tune by desktop music wallpapers which reflect the subtlety of your soul.

The ability to heal the hearts and teach the wisdom of life is considered to be the greatest merit of music art. Oftentimes it happens so that an individual is lost in his/her thoughts and doesn’t know how to behave in tough situations. Listening to an insightful track usually helps in finding the best answer to the supposedly unsolvable questions.

Such acumen is achieved due to the human’s similarity in fundamental aspects. No matter where a person lives – be it the heart of the universe or a godforsaken village at the back of beyond, - he is sure to have similar feelings with other people. Everyone feels happiness on joyful occasion and grief on sad events - hence dedicated music wallpapers (depicting dancing G clefs, musical staff, various instruments, etc.) can facilitate, to some extent, in the solution of any life situation.