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Inspirational and mysterious, magnificent and unpredictable, bewildering and dazzling – nature can be described with all possible epithets but negative ones. Truly speaking, there is nothing more genuine in the world than the surrounding we live in. Unfortunately, millions of people are currently doomed to live in concrete jungles, far from greenery and wildlife. Yet, desktop nature wallpapers help them ‘communicate’ with the outer world.

Let’s assume that you live in the countryside. There, you are close to all natural treasures; meadows, rivers, gardens and forests. What more could one ask for? Well, this is only the tiniest part our planet is rich in. Things happen, but you’ll unlikely visit the North/South Pole where centuries-old glaciers live their independent life; you won’t probably reach the thickets of Amazon jungles with multimeter trees, and it would be a rare luck if you climb the highest mountain peaks where heavens are within reach.

Never say die! You can eyewitness these destinations at your home’s comfort just by downloading dedicated nature wallpapers to PC, laptop or smartphone. That is a proven way to see the beauty of the most picturesque valley landscapes, the highest tops, the noisiest waterfalls, the fastest rivers, the stormiest oceans, and godforsaken desolate islands.