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    Zodiac Signs

    No matter how judiciary you are in matters of astrology, it’s hard to deny the influence of zodiac signs on a person’s fate. Those were ancient men of wisdom from Babylon who traced the connection between a human’s character and stars.


    Vegetables are oftentimes called the gifts of land. They are a true godsend for the humanity due to their properties. In fact, it’s hard to find a single monoculture that would not bring benefit to our body. The mixture of several veggies transforms into a recipe of eternal health.


    Swans are with good reason associated with tenderness, love and romance. Their habit to mate for life becomes an example for people. These waterfowl birds sometimes ‘divorce’ due to infertility, although in the majority of cases couples stay loyal to each other till the end of days.

    Solar Eclipse

    Solar and lunar eclipses are considered to be the most extraordinary natural phenomena. People all over the world usually wait for these events with a pleasant anticipation, although some suppose them a supernatural foreboding omen.

    Snow Storm

    Freezing and dangerous, punching in the face and blinding… It’s better to look at snow storm wallpapers on home PC desktop than find yourself outside in such a nasty weather, you would say. Indeed, the prospect of being wrapped by blizzard seems to be terrifying.

    Sea Resort

    Preparations to a family/romantic vacation begin long before the target date. First of all, the soon-to-be traveler chooses a place for a pastime, surfing through various hotels, sea resort wallpapers and guides on famous destinations.


    Rugby, as a variety of football, laid the foundation to a number of ballgames, including soccer and American football. The first references about the game appeared in the first half of the 19th century.

    Piano Keys

    Sometimes it seems like our life is an interchange of black and white stripes. It’s definitely not true! A person is the one to transform the humdrum into a fascinating adventure painted in all colors of the rainbow.

    New Zealand Nature

    There are places in the world where men have never set foot before. Surprised? Nuts, but true. Wanna take a look at those places out of the corner of the eye? Surf through our collection of New Zealand nature wallpapers in a high resolution – you’ll be impressed to the marrow of your bones!


    The charm of lakes cannot be compared to any other natural wonder. Their shimmering light and placatory mirror-like surface spellbind at a glance. Have a look at our collection of lakes wallpapers to get a living proof of the existence of an absolute beauty!