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    Contemporary youth cannot imagine a day without various gadgets. They get up directly the alarm clock rings in a smartphone, read through news hits on a laptop, communicate with friends in social networks via tablets, fulfill educational/job tasks on PCs/Macs, and enjoy selected gadgets wallpapers on desktops of all above-mentioned devices.

    Dangerous Snakes

    Current diversity of snakes boggles the mind. These elongated carnivorous reptiles inhabit all continents (save for Antarctica), having adjusted to nearly any climate conditions.

    Cruise Liners

    Cruise ships are destined for giving pleasure to passengers. Due to this reason, they are designed as majestic constructions with all modern facilities and entertainments.

    Coral Reefs

    Sea reefs are huge ecosystems with their own lifecycle and biodiversity. They are differentiated primarily by the domestication of corals – group-clustered polyps - which grow in weird forms and varied coloring.

    City Lights

    Imagine our life without lights. It is a scaring prospect, isn’t it? On such conditions, the whole world would plunge into darkness as soon as the sun goes down. The streets would be an unfriendly place to walk until the dawn, while urban architecture would lose its charm.

    Chinese New Year

    If you think that New Year feast is traditionally celebrated only once a year, surf through our collection of Chinese New Year wallpapers to ascertain the reverse idea. Indeed, unlike the rest of the world, China (as well as other countries with a dominance of the Chinese population) adopted a tradition to celebrate its own feast, heralding the turn of the new Lunar Year.

    Chamomile Field

    Imagine that you are in a faraway place where valleys with succulent greenery reign the world. You walk through the grass, smelling a subtle fragrant of sweet-scented wild flowers, and listen to the whistle of the wind.

    Brown Bear

    Brown bears boast the most widely-spread population of all bear species in the world. Their habitat expands through the north of North America to nearly the whole Eurasia. Zoologists count up to 90 subspecies of these large carnivores, however average people can barely differentiate between them.


    Blueberries are rightly considered to be healers of human’s body. Along with an inimitable taste, these berries yield invisible benefit to a person’s well-being. However, their key attractive feature is a one-of-a-kind coloring (indigo) that is shown in a favorable light in our collection of blueberries wallpapers.


    If only people could fly like birds... They can, actually, since the invention of aerial vehicles a century ago! In earlier times reaching the skies seemed a pipe dream; but nowadays this dream surpassed all expectations, take alone aviation wallpapers which count all possible kinds of aircrafts.