Brown Bear Wallpapers

Brown bears boast the most widely-spread population of all bear species in the world. Their habitat expands through the north of North America to nearly the whole Eurasia. Zoologists count up to 90 subspecies of these large carnivores, however average people can barely differentiate between them. It’s possible to get acquainted with some of the representatives thanks to a selection of high-quality brown bear wallpapers for PCs, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

As distinct from the image created by storytellers, brown bears appear to be quite unfriendly towards people in case of confrontation. In sober fact, they are one of the largest terrestrial predators which do not mind feasting fresh meat. However, their dietary habits are not fastidious; they derive the lion’s share of the food energy from plants, greenery, berries, flowers, pine cones, fungi, and fish.

This species of bears is well-known for a unique behavioral feature – hibernation. In summer and autumn they lead active lifestyle, battening and collecting fat for freezing seasons. In winter and spring these carnivores fall into a lethargic activity, doing almost nothing. Despite having light sleep, they prefer hibernating in a solitary place (caves, hollow logs, etc.).

Apart from wildlife, people can feast eyes on these severe predators in national parks, zoos and on computing devices. Our collection of brown bear desktop wallpapers features the most wide-spread subspecies representatives, including Himalayan, Eurasian, Siberian, Tibetan, Syrian, California grizzly, and Kodiak.