Lakes Wallpapers

The charm of lakes cannot be compared to any other natural wonder. Their shimmering light and placatory mirror-like surface spellbind at a glance. Have a look at our collection of lakes wallpapers to get a living proof of the existence of an absolute beauty!

As distinct from other water resources, lakes (aka lochs) stand apart from the ocean and are a separate water area localized in a basin. As usual, they aren’t as deep as seas, as long as rivers, and as fast as streams. Nonetheless, they have the power of bewitching by smoothness and rich biodiversity. Lochs house numerous underwater species, including smaller microorganisms and fish.

It should be noted that people have learned to create artificial lakes for agricultural or industrial purposes (i.e. for powering hydro-electric stations, wetting farmlands). In addition, they are originated for starting recreational zones with hotels or camps. Thus, they become an ideal place for family picnics and active pastime activities.

Lakes are usually localized in mountainous, rift zones as well as in areas with a continuous glaciation. Due to this, the scenery pictured on high-quality lakes wallpapers bemuses and stupefies. Emerald-green, indigo-blue and mossy hues can’t but put into a total admiration. Peering at this picturesque landscape, one always feels like swimming, diving, fishing or just contemplating. What do you feel, standing on the lake shore?