New Zealand Nature Wallpapers

There are places in the world where men have never set foot before. Surprised? Nuts, but true. Wanna take a look at those places out of the corner of the eye? Surf through our collection of New Zealand nature wallpapers in a high resolution – you’ll be impressed to the marrow of your bones!

Undisturbed forests, stupendous islands covered with greenery, emerald transparent water, one-of-a-kind mountain hills, and a truly unique biodiversity will undoubtedly imprint in your heart. Indeed, NZ nature is different from the rest of the world. It boasts such species of flora and fauna which cannot be found on any other continent. Take only giant tree ferns, kauri with epiphytes that are a home to hundreds or insects, birds and other inhabitants.

There is small wonder that tourists from across the world come to NZ just to relish the nature and its gifts. One of the most popular travel activities there is bird-watching. The population of local birds counts thousands of species, the lion’s share of which exist only in this area (for example, endangered flightless weka). Kiwi is probably the most famous inhabitant; it is traditionally considered to be an unofficial country’s symbol.

For sure, in order to see this natural miracle, travelers have to traverse a thousand-miles’ distance. You can avoid an overwhelming trip and get to the place by correspondence. Just download beautiful New Zealand nature wallpapers to your PC – become the pathfinder in the undisturbed jungles.