Rugby Wallpapers

Rugby, as a variety of football, laid the foundation to a number of ballgames, including soccer and American football. The first references about the game appeared in the first half of the 19th century. Since that time, an amateur ball kicking has transformed into a professional kind of sports, expanding across all continents. Due to this, there is small wonder that rugby wallpapers show off on all computing gadgets of inveterate supporters.

Rugby is officially divided into two types: league and union. Both have adopted their own fundamental playing rules, although the key aim remains identical: to get the ball over the line in order to score a goal. The major differentiation between the codes lies in the number of players allowed on a pitch; league games allow 13 players, while union ones – 15.

To continue, this ballgame features two most prominent set pieces: the scrum and the line-out. The first set stipulates ‘packing’ of opponents and pushing against each other with the aim to get the ball; the second set presupposes the creation of parallel lines of rugby players which attempt to get to the touch-line and catch the ball, thrown from the touch.

Once in four years all media resources arrest their interest on Rugby World Cup and Rugby League World Cup. Those competitions identify the most successful sports states and reward accomplishments of individual players. By downloading rugby wallpapers to your PC, it’s possible to become a part of those grandiose events.