Solar Eclipse Wallpapers

Solar and lunar eclipses are considered to be the most extraordinary natural phenomena. People all over the world usually wait for these events with a pleasant anticipation, although some suppose them a supernatural foreboding omen. In any case, such scenes can’t go unnoticed. Solar eclipse wallpapers lift the veil from the phenomenon and show it in a favorable light.

Solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes through the Earth and the Sun, partially or totally occulting the latter, as seen from the Earth. Usually ‘the shadowing’ occurs once or twice a year, but total occultation might occur once in a century or more rarely. Besides, not all people across the world are blessed to observe the phenomenon, due to locality factors (i.e. when day comes to one part of the world, the other part plunges into the darkness).

Unfortunately (or fortunately), eclipses conventionally last from a few minutes to several tens of minutes. Total eclipses are much shorter and frequently last for a few minutes only. Therefore, in order to eyewitness the marvel, observers prepare for the show beforehand. Enthusiasts move to a place with the best viewing prospect, getting through hundreds-to-thousand miles away from home and employing dedicated observation equipment; average onlookers simply go outside and watch the occultation with the help of special dark-field glasses.

If you were not lucky to witness the phenomenon alive, satisfy your curiosity with astounding solar eclipse wallpapers. Get a closer look at the developments in your home’s comfort.