Swan Wallpapers

Swans are with good reason associated with tenderness, love and romance. Their habit to mate for life becomes an example for people. These waterfowl birds sometimes ‘divorce’ due to infertility, although in the majority of cases couples stay loyal to each other till the end of days. Our excitement about such solid relationships (monogamy) does not stop at observing only; oftentimes we download swan wallpapers on various computing devices to have a visual reminder of true love.

There are about seven species spread across the world. White-feathered ones (mute) are the most typical representatives of the family. Their habitat primarily expands through the Northern hemisphere; yet, a few species might be found in Australia, New Zealand and South America. It should be noted that swans does not bear tropical climate conditions, so you won’t find them in Africa or Asia.

Black and black-necked swans - rare species threatened with extinction – inhabit only some parts of NZ. There are also Bewick’s, trumpeter, whooper, and tundra birds, found in fewer populations in certain locations.

The symbol of swans is frequently enjoyed in popular culture. In different times these birds were used in official coats of arms, coins, stamps, holy images, and other attributes. Nowadays the employment of this figure is limited to the design of postcards, desktop swan wallpapers & works of art. Still, the humanity has been successful in preserving the symbolic meaning of loyal lake swans.