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    Android became a common name for all tech-savvy users long time ago. However, the glory hours of this mobile platform are still ahead. Just imagine, the lion’s share of all sold smartphones within the past several years has been equipped with this OS. No wonder that users of desktop computing devices choose Android free windows themes as their main background.


    Protagonists of spectacular soccer battles never miss a chance to feast eyes on Arsenal free windows themes. This is hardly surprising, since this prosperous award-winning football club from Holloway, London, always shows its best, no matter whether the players compete in league matches or in international events.


    BMW has been associated with prime quality, speed and security for a lot of decades. There is small wonder that vehicles, produced by genial designers, enjoy unremitting popularity far beyond their homeland, Germany. Nowadays these cars (as well as motorcycles) are an integral part of life of prosperous, mighty and self-confident people.


    Tastes differ in all kinds of forms and shapes. This statement might be safely applied to the digital preferences of contemporary people. Indeed, you can hardly find a person who would have a completely identical viewpoint about technologies with his/her neighbor, for example, especially when it goes about visual representation of personal devices.


    All devotees of vicious mysteries will find mechanism free windows themes a genuine catch. The combination of black and red palette calls up the associations with unexplored dimensions, whereas an awesome skull in the fiery background adds to the feeling of adventures and danger.

    Military Style

    Real men never compromise with their principles. And the choice of a dress up for personal computing devices is no exception. For this reason, military style free windows themes can be found on every second desktop. Brutal and powerful, horrendous and high-impact – military vehicles and weapons enslave the heart of every man.

    Mountain Zoo

    Natural diversity keeps up enslaving the hearts of people from far and wide. Both now and always animal kingdom has been a thing of an acute interest. Unfortunately, due to residence limitations, we cannot get acquainted with all representatives of the realm. Thus, the only possibility to get in touch with the wildlife is watching dedicated TV programs and downloading mountain zoo free windows themes on varied gadgets.


    Tired of uniform and standard routine templates? Show your individuality, stand out from the crowd by embellishing your computing devices with customized radiation free windows themes!


    Robotechnics is one of the most advanced fields in the development of contemporary technologies. Despite the fact that wider public knows little about the futuristic innovations, the scientists demonstrate a significant progress on the way of automation.

    World of Tanks

    MMO-action game about WW II with millions of fans across the world… Bet, you have already guessed which online application is under consideration. If you have, get a move on downloading World of Tanks free windows theme on your PC! One may wonder why this game enjoys huge popularity among all age and gender groups.