Fusion Windows Theme

Tastes differ in all kinds of forms and shapes. This statement might be safely applied to the digital preferences of contemporary people. Indeed, you can hardly find a person who would have a completely identical viewpoint about technologies with his/her neighbor, for example, especially when it goes about visual representation of personal devices.

If you belong to the caste of sophisticated users, it won’t be a smart idea to install a crocked background on a PC (laptop, tablet, ultrabook, etc.) desktop. Instead, you will download fusion free windows theme to everyone’s amazement.

This theme is differentiated by an offbeat picturesque style with a dark background and neon-turquoise lines. All icons of activated applications are highlighted due to thin glass frames, matching the palette of the main screen area. The titles of all instructions in command panels are also illuminated in neon-turquoise.

It can be emphasized that this theme is a non-trivial solution for your computing device. It might attract attention of users who are interested in high technologies, abstraction and minimalism. There are no bright visuals, sharp contours or any implications in this template; nonetheless, it is rather a reflection of up-to-date tendencies for fusing different things (in this case – fusing two color palettes).

In this light, fusion windows theme free download is an optimal way to dress up your PC desktop and transform the visual representation of threadbare tabs.