Mechanism Windows Theme

All devotees of vicious mysteries will find mechanism free windows themes a genuine catch. The combination of black and red palette calls up the associations with unexplored dimensions, whereas an awesome skull in the fiery background adds to the feeling of adventures and danger. Of course, it’s quite difficult for an average person to estimate the sophistication of such images; however, true connoisseurs of queerness will definitely make appreciation.

The key peculiarity of the theme is a modernized interface design. Therefore, the traditional lower panel is reduced in depth, while the icons of active programs are considerably highlighted. In addition, there is a strongly pronounced division of the screen into several independent areas with system components. Status & time tabs are also accentuated due to a gray background.

Above all, mechanism windows themes free download provide for a total upgrade of your PC looks. It will be an ideal match for a top-tier gaming system that surpasses all expectations. Likewise, it might serve a real delight to those who perceive visual information as a source of meditation, not just as an attractive picture.

Excited about the possibility to treat your PC with a stupendous mechanism? Don’t let flies stick to your heels: install an offbeat theme with a single click!

Download Mechanism Theme for Windows