Robots Windows Theme

Robotechnics is one of the most advanced fields in the development of contemporary technologies. Despite the fact that wider public knows little about the futuristic innovations, the scientists demonstrate a significant progress on the way of automation. Our collection of free windows themes about robots lifts the curtain of universal mysteries.

If you think that robots are a mere fantasy invented by science fiction writers and movie makers, it’s definitely a mistake. Quite the contrary, these metal machines have already occupied the territory of human-beings, though their presence is still minor. However, in the measurable future they will become pervasive: these machines will assist in our daily chores (cleaning, washing, cooking), business matters (noting, calculating, programming), and even personal relationships (communicating, listening and consoling).

You can argue the scant presence of robots in our everyday life, stating that, for example, washing machines and various kitchen appliances facilitate people as far as practicable. This is true, but innovative units will receive intelligence, similar to ours. Some of the most obvious samples of future machines might show off on your desktop, if you download robots free windows theme right now.

The theme is designed basically in a gray palette with a modified ‘Start’ button. All active apps icons are located slightly to the left and practically blend into the main background. Besides, all standard interface icons are replaced by modified ones which speak a language of futurism. Open up a window into the robotic world with an unusual PC theme!

Download Robots Theme for Windows