World of Tanks Windows Theme

MMO-action game about WW II with millions of fans across the world… Bet, you have already guessed which online application is under consideration. If you have, get a move on downloading World of Tanks free windows theme on your PC!

One may wonder why this game enjoys huge popularity among all age and gender groups. Well, there are a lot of attractive aspects worth of mentioning. First of all, all users receive a unique chance to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with admirers of steel giants from far and wide, asserting a right for universal tank supremacy.

Second of all, World of Tanks provides an advanced system of promotion: from the lightweight vehicles with few facilities to the heaviest machines with a range of protection, shooting and maneuvering options. Still, whatever tank is in work, it might become a genuine deadly weapon in the hands of a professional gamer.

Third of all, this MMO-action app counts hundreds of fighting machines, but the inventory is constantly replenishing with new, more sophisticated and rare species. Have a look at World of Tanks free windows themes just to estimate the scope! French, German, American, Chinese, Japanese, and Soviet – all possible kinds of military vehicles are hand-picked for your pleasure.

Finally, online tankers are able to try their luck in a variety of true-to-life maps as with unenclosed ground, so with buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. Such territorial diversity allows feeling the flavor of a war-battered Europe and using tactical tricks, depending upon particular combat conditions. Try this theme on your gadgets to feel yourself a real trooper!

Download World of Tanks Theme for Windows